Joe Lanman - Designer

Coronavirus Extremely Vulnerable People

Part of a service map. Shows a journey starting with the NHS sending letters to vulnerale people, then people coming to the GDS web service, where they are asked if they are eligible, which makes the journey branch.

Please note this was a sensitive service, I may be able to share more detail directly.

In 2020 the UK entered its first Coronavirus lockdown. It was a scary and distressing time - many people were dying and many more seriously ill.

In this uncertain context and with a sudden switch to all-remote working, the civil service rapidly developed services to try and help.

People who were particularly medically vulnerable to the virus (for example having a weakened immune system) were told to avoid going out at all. GDS, with other departments and the NHS, created a service to support them.

Initially the service provided regular boxes of food and essential supplies, and later added priority supermarket delivery slots.

During this time the service provided more than 4.2 million deliveries of essential supplies, helping vulnerable people stay safe.

My role

I joined the team just after the first version of the site had gone live.

As part of a multidisciplinary team, I led the service and interaction design. Some examples of my work include:


The Coronavirus Extremely Vulnerable People service is no longer online.