Joe Lanman - Designer

GOV.UK Prototype Kit

Screenshot. Build a basic prototype using the Prototype Kit. This tutorial shows you how to prototype a fictional 'Apply for a juggling licence' service that will: ask 2 questions, show the user's answers for them to check, show a confirmation page. It will take about an hour to finish this tutorial, after you install the Prototype Kit. Our prototype will look a bit like this: flow diagram of 5 pages

The GOV.UK Prototype Kit is a unique prototyping tool that lets teams create and test designs quickly. It produces real web pages, meaning you can get a feel for and test realistically in the browser. It is responsive - meaning designs adapt to mobile or desktop screens.

Crucially this means being able to test with accessibility tools such as screen readers to ensure from the start that designs work for disabled people. This is not possible in the majority of design tools.

It also makes it possible for disabled users to take part in the design process itself. We tested the kit with people who used screen magnifiers and screen readers and they were able to create prototypes - again this is not true of most other design tools.

It is widely used by teams across government and beyond, and is a key part of the GOV.UK Digital Service Platform

My role

I created the kit with my colleague Tom Byers during our work on Register to Vote. I then led the design and development of the kit, and provided training and support.

Some examples of my work on the kit (in collaboration with my colleagues):