Joe Lanman - Designer


Screenshot. Public sector guest wifi. GovWifi is a wifi authentication service allowing staff and visitors to use a single username and password to connect to guest wifi across the public sector. Links for Connect a device, Offer GovWifi and Manage Govwifi.

Collaboration is key when teams are working on services. When we did research into some of the problems with working together in government, near the top of the list was wifi. When people visited other buildings, or started a new role, it could be difficult or impossible to just get on the internet.

GovWifi is a huge and successful project that is now available in most government buildings. Users only have to sign up once, and then they will automatically connect wherever they go. A great example of a service that ‘just works’.

Public Technology said GovWifi "is perhaps the biggest success story in this section of the transformation plan."

My role

As part of a multidisciplinary team, I led the service and interaction design. Some examples of my work includes: