Joe Lanman - Designer

Petition Parliament

Screenshot. Petitions – UK Government and Parliament. 928 petitions got a response from the Government. 188 petitions were debated in the House of Commons. Search petitions. View all open petitions. Popular petitions. Hold a parliamentary vote on assisted dying. 132 signatures in the last hour. Don’t increase the income requirement for family visas to £38,700. 53 signatures in the last hour

UK Parliament's old 'e-Petitions' site was tired, hard to find and crucially not mobile-friendly. In a world of social media and smartphones, competitors like were far more popular. This was a shame because e-Petitions were officially monitored and could be discussed in Parliament if they were successful.

We redesigned and rebuilt the site from scratch, designed for mobile first.

Usage increased dramatically - about 4 million people every month, or 10 million if there's a particularly popular petition!

My role

As part of a multidisciplinary team, I led the service and interaction design. Some examples of my work includes: